You are sent off... To the 2018 FIFA World Cup with to Visa

Get a chance to win a fully paid trip for two to watch one of the 2018 FIFA World Cup TM Finals and enjoy an exclusive experience with VISA in addition to chances of winning back your spend. To qualify for the draw:

  • Apply for an Arab Bank Visa Credit Card and start using it during the campaign’s period.
  • Or use your existing Arab Bank Visa Credit Card for purchases.

Don’t miss out on the amazing offers! Apply for an Arab Bank Visa Credit Card to increase your chances of winning.
Terms and conditions related to the product and promotion apply.

The campaign will run from 01/02/2018 until 14/4/2018.

Arab Bank VISA FIFA 2018 World Cup Campaign Terms & Conditions:

  1. The campaign starts on 01/02/2018 and ends on 14/4/2018.
  2. Eligible customers are individual holding Arab Bank VISA credit Cards
  3. Arab Bank VISA Credit Cards’ purchase transactions will be included in the campaign
  4. Only Posted “point of sale” transactions will be included in the campaign
  5. Cash Transactions are not included in the campaign
  6. Credit Cards should be active and not delinquent at draw date.
  7. For every AED 1,000 local/international spend on Arab Bank Visa Card during the campaign period and up to the draw date, Customer will get one chance.
  8. Maximum Number of chances per card per draw is 500 chances.
  9. Winners will get either a world cup package or will win back their spend during the campaign period at a maximum limit of 5000 AED
  10. Campaign Draw date 22/04/2018 for 5 winners:
    •   Four winners to win back their spend at a maximum of 5000 AED on the Visa Credit Card.
    •   One winner will be dedicated a package to attend the FIFA world cup Semi-Final Match.
  11. Winners and Partners must be 16 years of age and above
  12. Awarded Air ticket with Visa FIFA Package is to the match venue or accommodation venue determined by VISA.
  13. VISA FIFA Package benefits are subject to Visa Inc. terms & conditions. Arab Bank shall not be held responsible for any changes and/or cancellation for the benefits offered by Visa Inc.
  14. Each Customer may win only once during the campaign period on any of his / her eligible Cards.
  15. Arab Bank employees are excluded from this campaign
  16. The bank reserves the right to decide the winners based on the most accurate information available at the time of decision and the bank’s decision in this regards will be final.
  17. Winners will be announced after each draw and will be informed as the bank deems appropriate.
  18. The bank will announce in case of ending this campaign and withdraw the offer.
  19. The prizes are not transferable under any circumstances.
  20. The awarded VISA FIFA World Cup Match Package must be redeemed by the winner him or herself.
  21. The winner will therefore have 1 ticket to distribute at his or her discretion to a person not being less than 16 years old. All other details related to the prize, including information related to the match itself (e.g. hosting city, date, teams playing etc.) will be communicated to the winners in the prize acceptance letter.
  22. Winners should arrange to obtain the required FAN ID needed for visa free entry to the Russian Federation as well as entry to the stadium; by registering their application on the fan-id website and receiving confirmation either through mail or through fan-id distribution center. If the FAN ID is not obtained, the bank reserves its right to cancel the prize for the winner who was not able to get a FAN ID to Russia, and transfer it to another customer as the bank sees appropriate.
  23. The bank will announce in case of amending the terms and conditions of the campaign at any time.