Enjoy a summer filled with offers and benefits from Arab Bank Credit Cards!

Enjoy your summer this year with Arab Bank VISA Credit Cards which are designed to offer you the financial flexibility and purchasing power that meet your needs and lifestyle in addition to a host of special benefits and offers, including:

  • Zero% Easy Payment Plan for 3 months for internet shopping and international transactions (from any retailer)*
  • 1% Easy Payment Plan for all your purchases up to 12 months
  • Chances to win back the value of your airline ticket when being purchased using your card from any airline office or through their web sites (2 prizes)**
  • Joining Bonus points and free membership in Arabi Rewards Program
  • The possibility of transferring the outstanding balances from your credit cards from other banks to us for Zero% interest rate for the first 3 months
  • Discount program 

Don’t miss on these special offers! Apply for an Arab Bank Visa Card today and start using it!

* Minimum transaction amount is AED 2,000 or equivalent in other currencies.
** Maximum prize amount is AED 3,670.
Terms and conditions related to the product and promotion apply.
The campaign will run from the 1/6/2015 until 31/8/2015.

Terms and Conditions for Arab Bank credit cards Campaign:

1. This Campaign runs from the 1st of June to the 31st of August 2015
2. Eligible customers are individual(s) holding VISA credit Cards issued by Arab Bank
3. During the campaign, Arab Bank offers the following promotional benefits for the eligible Visa credit card holders:

    • The possibility of using the easy payment plan program at 0% for 3 months, for any of the purchase(s) made through online shopping or international purchase(s) with the value of not less than AED 2000 or its equivalent in other currencies; otherwise the card holder can use other available options in the easy payment plan program. However, the customer can use this benefit more than once.
    • VISA credit card holders who purchased airline tickets during the campaign period from Airline companies by using their credit card whether by physical point-of-sale machines or by online shopping gateway; will have the chance to win one of the 2 prizes that represent the value of the transaction value with a maximum of AED 3670.

4. Chances to win the Airline tickets will be calculated only for posted transactions on card account(s) from Airline companies’, point-of-sale machines or online shopping gateways. Each eligible posted transaction will add one chance to win in the draw. Posted transactions from travel agents and/or offices and/or online shopping through electronic travel sites are not eligible in the draw.
5. The following card types are excluded from the Airline tickets draw: Internet shopping cards, delinquent and cancelled cards , and Arab Bank employees cards
6. Cash withdrawal transaction(s) are not eligible for the easy payment program.
7. Purchase transaction(s) implemented by Shared limit Supplementary cards’ will be considered as Primary cards’ transaction(s) while the Separate limit supplementary cards will be treated as primary cards.
8. Each Customer may win only once during the campaign period on any of his / her eligible Cards.
9. Arab Bank reserves the right to amend the campaign’s terms and conditions at any time and as it deems appropriate by announcing it in the means which the bank finds to be appropriate.
10. The Bank reserves the right to stop the campaign partially or totally at any time and without announcing the reasons by announcing it in the means which the bank finds it to be appropriate.
11. The bank has the right to announce the winners in the means which the bank finds to be appropriate, thus the bank will inform the winners through communication channels which the bank finds to be appropriate.
12. The prizes are not transferable under any circumstances.
13. Airline ticket prizes are subject to the tax law and provisions.