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Extra cash every month with the new “e-Tawfeer” service through "Arabi Mobile” app, the more you save… the higher the interest rates!

We bring you the brand new “e-Tawfeer” service allowing you to save money online easily and conveniently through the “Arabi Mobile” app, the service also provides a host of benefits including:

- Additional rewards points with the “Arabi Points” program
- Ability to set the saving plan according to your needs and goals and the option to modify your plans at any time.
- The e-Tawfeer account is available via Arabi mobile only

Start today and enjoy exclusive rewards:-

  • 5,000 welcoming rewards points
  • 50 additional points for every 500 AED (Capped at 500 points per month)
  • Step-up competitive interest rates

Download and install Arabi Mobile through