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With Arab Bank Cross-Border Services you will be able to conduct a wide range of banking transactions in the UAE and abroad through a variety of value-added products and services. Coming to you from the largest Arab banking network, our Cross-Border Services will offer you a host of benefits specially designed to meet your regional banking requirements with the utmost levels of convenience, as detailed below:


We offer our customers the opportunity to open accounts across our regional network in Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, Qatar, Jordan and Bahrain easily and conveniently from any of our branches in UAE or abroad.

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 to apply now and start taking advantage of the Arabi-Cross Border program’s features and services! 

* Terms & conditions apply.

Press here to view how you can open new account in 3 simple steps.


As part of the other host of services offered within our “Arabi Cross Border” program, you can now enjoy the “Arabi Access” feature through the “Arabi Mobile” app, where you can add and activate your cross border Arab Bank accounts in a single log in.

The service is available for your Arab Bank accounts in Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, UAE, Qatar & Bahrain.

With this service, you will be able to:

  • Add and activate your Arab Bank regional* accounts with unified view via a single screen in real time.
  • View the balances and transactions details of all your linked Arab Bank  regional* accounts
  • Transfer funds instantly between these accounts.
  • Transfer funds instantly to other Arab Bank customers abroad where the service is available.

*This service is available for Arab Bank accounts in the following countries:  Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Qatar.

You can manage your cross border accounts whether from your country of residence or when you are abroad through “Arabi Mobile” app by following the below steps:  program.

  • Log in to "Arabi Mobile” app
  • Select more –Products and services
  • Select inactive country flag within “Arabi Access” country screen
  • Enter the OTP that will be received to your subscribed SMS mobile number for the country needs to be activated
  • Once the country is activated successfully, it will be shown as (Active) status within “Arabi Access” account list and for all the linked countries’ accounts that have been added previously.

Adding a country that is not within “Arabi Access” list

  • Log in to “Arabi Mobile” app
  • Select More –Products and Programs –“Arabi Access”
  • Select icon (+) at the bottom of the “Arabi Access” screen list
  • Select the country from the list
  • Enter your account number and the Visa Debit Card number and PIN for the country you wish to add
  • Enter the OTP that will be received to your subscribed SMS mobile number for the country to be activated
  • Once the country is activated successfully, it will be shown as (Active) status within Arabi Access account list and for all the linked countries’ accounts that have been added previously.

*Note: Activating country applications to allow viewing as well as transfers for Lebanon and Palestine is pending internal approval.

Terms and conditions apply.

While you are residing in the UAE, get a housing loan in your home country Jordan or Palestine and enjoy a wide range of financing solutions specially designed for you.

 Apply for your housing loan from any of our branches in the UAE* to own your dream house in your home country simply and conveniently with a host of competitive features.

*Eligible customers are salaried customers within the banking programs “Elite” and “Arabi Premium” & the non -salaried segment including medical professionals (Doctors & Dentists), provided that the loan is granted from Arab Bank -UAE.

  • Maximum Loan Tenor:
  • Salaried
    • Jordanians: 25 years
    • Palestinians: 20 years
    • Medical professionals: 20 years
  • Self -employed:
    • Jordanians: 15 years
    • Palestinians: 20 years
  • Finance & Loan Amounts:

Financing up to 80% from the value of the first financed property *

Financing up to 60% of property value will apply to the purchase of the second and third properties.

*Properties inside and outside the UAE will be included when calculating the eligible financing amount.

Loan amount in Jordan up to USD 700,000

Loan amount in Palestine up to up to USD 500,000

This product is available for Jordanian and Palestinian expatriates in the UAE.

*Financing will be subject to each country’s terms and conditions.


With the Emergency Encashment service, your account will be your travel companion. You will be able to withdraw cash from your account from any Arab Bank branch while traveling abroad*:

  • Withdrawal limit up to USD 10,000* for Elite customers and USD 7,000 for Arabi Premium customers
  • Cash withdrawal is available in the local currency.
  • Fast and simple procedures.
The country
you are
traveling to:
Arab Bank - Jordan
Arab Bank –
Arab Bank -
Palestine Customers
Arab Bank -
Bahrain Customers
Arab Bank -
Qatar Customers
Lebanon X
Maximum withdraw limit for Palestine customers is $9,000 or equivalent

Terms and conditions and service fees apply.
*This service is available for Elite & Arabi Premium customers only.


Elite members can benefit from our wide and regional presence by being recognized as Elite customers across our branches network abroad and will enjoy preferential services and access to the same banking privileges offered in their home country.

*Elite Service is available in Jordan, Egypt, Palestine, Lebanon, UAE, Qatar & Bahrain.